Full Disclosure

We are committed to being completely transparent in our dealings
On this page will be a complete list of all public Wallet Addresses associated with the project. It will also breakdown and explain why funds are being moved and how they are being used in any fashion towards the project.
There will be times where we will not be able to immediately announce why funds are being used or moved. This may be necessary to kickstart the next phase to our projects. Or used to fund a pool or prizes for a game or new concept that we've not yet released / are still building hype for. In cases like these, the notations will be intentionally left vague until updated after the fact - when we have publicly announced the project for which the funds were used.

Official Addresses

Verified Distribution Solidity Finance audit review: https://solidity.finance/audits/BoomerSquad/
Piggy Bank Contract:

Gen 0 Mint Revenue Distribution

This is an overview breakdown of fund distribution from our Gen 0 mint


July 2022

July 2022
July 2022

End of Year - 2022

Full Breakdown of 2022 financials