Halloween Bash 2022

We were invited to be part of a Halloween collaboration event along some of the greats of Cronos & CDC! It was hosted by @Psychokitties & Mad Hares and we were joined by several other projects where each project artist created several layers and traits after picking a monster design from up to 7 different ones (Pin Up Vampirette for the Boomer Squad).
Using PsychoKitties Crisper, you could select the monster design you wanted along with each trait! The other projects which participated in Halloween Bash were: Mad Hares, PsychoKitties, TMK, Carkayous, AlphaBots & Psychonaut Apes. The event ran from October 24th to October 31st (it was extended a few days past Halloween to allow everyone to use their Coffins).
Wonderman was our artist representative for this event. All proceeds earned will be split between Wonderman and the Mattress Fund. He has done some great custom artwork for both the project and individual investors. We are happy to have him at the head of this event and are excited to be there alongside to watch his journey as an artist.