Boomer Squad NFT


Those bags look heavy... need some help?
Start earning $Scratch, the Boomer Squad utility token, by building up some Boom Room NFTs and staking them on our website. The $Scratch token will be heavily involved in our Zoomers ecosystem via minting, game tokens and other functions. Setting yourself up beforehand is a good way to prepare! The Zoomers will be released along with The Playground.

Mint Info

Date: WL & Free Mint: March 24th, 2:30 PM EST
Public: March 25th, 2:30 PM EST
Cost: 1000$ Scratch for WL mint. 1000 $Scratch or 585 $CRO for public mint
Supply: 7007
Whitelist information
Snapshot: Completed on February 20th, 2023. For every 3 BoomerSquad NFT you held at the time, you will be eligible to mint one free Zoomer.

Zoomer Variant System

The Zoomer NFT will have its own little twist and with it comes the introduction of our Variant system. Each Zoomer will come with 4 different versions of itself; Variants. Each Variant will be accessible easily via the BoomerSquad Website through the Variant System. At no cost (no gas transactions or website fee), you will be able to switch between the different versions of your Zoomer NFT. There may be a 5 to 10 minute waiting period before it updates on chain.
The first version of your Zoomer NFT is called Variant 1. Variant 1 will be your 80's Zoomer playing an arcade game in a theme that matches.
Variant 2 is your same Zoomer but now shown inside of the game setting they were playing before as if they were part of the event. We'll refer to them as In-Game Zoomer. They will share the same traits and rarities.
Variant 3 is a close up of the In-Game Zoomer NFT - a quick and friendly PFP cut for convenience.
Variant 4 will be a version of the Zoomer NFT with an extra trait attached - "Cover". The Cover trait will be acquired by using $Scratch on the BoomerSquad Website. You will be able to spend $Scratch in order to roll the extra trait - rarity and all is randomized just like a normal mint. The "Cover" art will be akin to a filter much like playing cards which can randomize special characteristics such as Foil or Holo.
More info to come as we get closer to the mint date.
One important note to add is that the Zoomers will all share a 'Game Activity' - there are 16 different gaming activity Traits all of which will be split evenly throughout the collection. This gives us the ability to split the Zoomers into different evenly distributed 'teams'. If you want to be on your friend's team while participating in those games or events, you may want to hunt down some pairs together :)
You can listen to the initial VOD release (Twitter Space).

Traits & Rarities

CAVEAT - Rarity may be judged differently for Zoomers due the information listed below on trait pairings (Elementals/Professionals)