Chow Time

On-Chain Marketplace Game - nom nom...
Say hello to our very own Swedish Chef :)


Chow Time is an on-chain marketplace game and the first of many projects that Boomer Squad will be launching after our Gen 0 collection mint is complete. Chow Time is a simple but hard to master game that will challenge you to maximize your winnings and profits. We wanted our first project to be Chow Time to help illustrate how Game Theory can be just as engaging, if not more, than a traditional or AAA game. All the while still encapsulating the P2E spirit that is very popular right now.
Chow Time is a single round game where the entire round is played over a series of 30 days. Once those 30 days are done, the game is over and all CRO tied to the game is distributed as outlined. We have different projects and games lined up after Chow Time, but if it is well received we can launch another round with different rules and wrinkles on how round 2 would be played.


Zoomers are busy tending to their bags and there is no one left to run the cafeteria. It's Chow Time so the Boomers need someone to roll up their sleeves and run the kitchen. Boomers will always reward the hand that feeds them but be strategic about it! They're a picky bunch so paying attention to what they have a taste for is key to getting the most out of your hard earned services. Work smart, not hard!
Bon Appétit!


The game is easy to play and fun to master. Your goal is to combine 5 ingredients to complete a meal. Once you have a completed meal, you will turn it in for a CRO reward. There are 5 categories of ingredients; 4 proteins, 7 vegetables, 5 drinks, 3 desserts, 2 plates. Each category will have multiple types such as steak and chicken for protein or broccoli and carrots for vegetables as an example. To complete a meal you must use one ingredient from each category.
Ingredients are obtained by either minting a random one from the Chow Time smart contract or buying them off of the Pawn Shop, where players will be able to exchange ingredients by selling them to one another. Each ingredient will hold different values and each ingredient’s value can (and most often does) change over time. The total turn in value of the meal is the sum of each ingredient used to complete your meal at the time it is turned in.

Mint Information / Prize Pool

Total Supply of ingredients - 100,000
Cost Per Ingredient - 10 CRO
Distribution - Random
Total Potential Game Pot - 1,000,000 CRO
Max Mint per wallet - No limit (20 Max per transaction)
5% Market Sales Royalties go straight into the End Game pot (later split 50/50 with Mattress Fund & Dev Wallet)

Ingredient Values

The value of each individual ingredient can change over time as more of each specific ingredient are turned in. Every ingredient will have a specific value table that is published before the game begins so that you can pre-plan how to attack the game as it progresses. Ingredient value tables will change in the following ways:
  • Stay at the same value for the entire game
  • Start at a high turn in value that decreases as more are turned in
  • Start at a low turn in value that increases as more are turned in
  • Some will increase and decrease over time

Game End

The game will conclude at a set date and time. At that point, any ingredients that are not turned in will no longer hold any value to the Chow Time game. All remaining CRO left in the pot at the end is split 50% to the Dev team wallet and 50% to the Boomer Squad holders via verified distribution.


This is only an example and is not necessarily a representation of the values which will be in the live version
  • Note that Steak in this example is further progressed down the value table because more of the total steak supply has been used
  • Chow Time actual live values: https://bit.ly/CTValues1

Game Theory & Strategy

The purpose of this game is to create a unique & fun experience where people can experiment with Game Theory. When you look at the value tables and see how the values change over time you can see how having a pre-set plan of attack can be critical to your success. Our initial intention is to have this be a one time experience that people can enjoy while playing a game like this for the first time. We intend to use the information gathered from Chow Time to guide us in future games and events that have not yet been disclosed.

Achievements & Jackpots

In addition to the normal Chow Time prize pool there will be Achievement prizes that are awarded to the unique wallets that turn in the most of a particular type of ingredient or overall meal count.
  • Hungry Hungry Boomer - Top 3 meal turn ins win a prize
  • Carrot Top - Top 3 wallets that turn in the most Carrots win prizes
  • King of the Roost - Top 3 wallets that turn in the most Chicken win prizes
  • Town Drunk - Top 3 wallets that turn in the most Beer win prizes
  • Dentures Not Required - Top 3 wallets that turn in the most Jello win prizes
  • Everyone who completes at least 1 meal is entered into a 5000 CRO giveaway
  • Hidden Achievement - There is a secret achievement that will be revealed after the game is complete. The top 3 wallets that meet these hidden condition(s) will receive prizes
Hungry Hungry Boomers!
For each Gen 0 Boomer Squad NFT you hold, you will be airdropped a set of NFTs / game items (or allowed to mint a certain amount for free) which will let you participate in the game at no cost to you unless you wish to mint more game items (ingredients) to better your odds. You can take the game as seriously or not as you wish! Want to immediately sell your game tokens for a small profit? Go for it! Want to meticulously go over all the game data and try to metagame and maximize your profits? By all means!
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