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Rankings & Rarities List

A comprehensive list of traits for our Gen 0: Boomer Squad collection: A complete list of ranks for our Gen 0: Boomer Squad collection:​
This information is also displayed on your Boomers both on Ebisu's Bay Marketplace and our own website My Boomers.

Legendary Boomers

Bulk Boomin
Ancient Boomer
Boom X
Ghost Duster
El Hefe
Captain Tendies
Rock N Boom
King of Boom
Best Boss
Waka Waka
OG Boomer
Mahou Shoujo
Senior Beverly
Coin Raider

Daily Boomer

#51 - Meet Fred. Fred is an Alien from the future. He can't stand the Bright Light of the sun but he knew Profit was to be made with @MadMeerkatNFT. So he came to Earth and has been diamond HODLing his MMF. Fred still hasn't figured out how to use a Car, though.
#52 - Meet Gandorf. Gandorf never could quite measure up to his brother, only ever having managed to learn one little Spell even after swallowing the Red Pill. Even his wardrobe is a little off; silly Gandorf, that's not a Wizard Robe. But he always remembers to Tip!
#3706 - Meet Ram. He is from planet Tyral where all Angels live. Ram wanted to reincarnate as a human because he was always fascinated with Kids' Toys. He got his wish when cosplaying as a Cowboy got him kicked off of Tyral. They even cut out his Tongue! Outrageous.
#6293 - Meet my nephew. We disagree with each other's choice of hairstyle but can always count on one another in times of need.
#3335 - Meet my new friend who had stubbornly insisted on trying the infamous 3-course dinner chewing gum at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. He was expectantly juiced out of the factory and found refuge from Zoomer Space.
#346 - My BFF's mantra - Go Big or go !h()ome
#7866 - My dad - after he knowing I invested his fiat in Cronos.
#4283 - Yours Truly - The Lendlord Lady. Ok! Boomer, fits me to a tee Swing it! #cronos, grant our wish! !wen snapshot?
#1850 - Mage Rage - Fell for a clever prank and ended up losing his prestigious Wizard Beard and slightly marred Staff. Making a trip to the Repair Shop through #CronosChain. Luckily, cheap gas fees.
#5305 Boomer Mint entered the space early 2022, moneyed hard before falling into the bear trap. Believing Pay 2 Play is the way to go, he packed the rest of what he had in a bindle, put on his lucky Red Momo nightgown, and checked in to #cronoschain. He finds many stubborn boomers like himself along the way and can't help feeling a little ecstatic moving to the beat of Mambo #5 - One, two, three, four, five Everybody in the car, so come on, let's ride. After dancing his way into a forever wallet tragedy struck when a community member had their wallet drained Mint was gifted to the victim to help ease the pain of their loss. He was then stolen again and then quickly rescued off the floor. Looking for his new forever home he entered the pawn shop and after burning 6,210 $SCRATCH he found his way back into a safe and comfy retirement home with fellow Boomers looking to stay until his next adventure